extern class haxe.EnumToolsAvailable in flash8, flash, neko, js, php, cpp, cs, java static inline function createAll<T>( e : Enum<T> ) : Array<T> static inline function createByIndex<T>( e : Enum<T>, index : Int, ?params : Array<Dynamic> ) : T static inline function createByName<T>( e : Enum<T>, constr : String, ?params : Array<Dynamic> ) : T static inline function getConstructors<T>( e : Enum<T> ) : Array<String> static inline function getName<T>( e : Enum<T> ) : StringReturns the name of enum e, including its path.
If e is inside a package, the package structure is returned dot- separated, with another dot separating the enum name: pack1.pack2.(...).packN.EnumName If e is a sub-type of a haxe module, that module is not part of the package structure.
If e has no package, the enum name is returned.
If e is null, the result is unspecified.
The enum name does not include any type parameters.
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