class haxe.FirebugAvailable in flash8, flash, neko, js, php, cpp, cs, javaThis class help you to work with Firefox's Firebug console, as well as other browsers' (eg. Google Chrome's) debug console. static function detect() : BoolReturns true when Firebug console is available.
It raises a SecurityError if your SWF does not have rights to access the external javascript. Make sure that the HTML page is served by a webserver and that the embedded object has allowScriptAccess="always".
static function onError( err : String, stack : Array<String> ) : BoolAvailable in js static function onError( err : String, stack : Array<String> ) : VoidAvailable in flash8, flash, neko, php, cpp, cs, java static function redirectTraces() : VoidRedirects the trace() output into the Firebug console.
Use haxe.Firebug.detect() to detect that Firebug is available.
static function trace( v : Dynamic, ?inf : PosInfos ) : Void
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