class haxe.macro.ContextAvailable in nekoThis is an API that can be used by macros implementations. static function addResource( name : String, data : Bytes ) : VoidAdd or modify a resource that will be accessible with haxe.Resource api. static function currentPos() : PositionReturns the position at which the macro is called static function defineType( t : TypeDefinition ) : VoidDefine a new type based on the given definition. static function defined( s : String ) : BoolTells is the given compiler directive has been defined with -D static function definedValue( key : String ) : String static function error( msg : String, pos : Position ) : DynamicDisplay a compilation error at the given position in code static function follow( t : Type, ?once : Bool ) : TypeFollow all typedefs to reach the actual real type static function getBuildFields() : Array<Field>Returns the list of fields for the current type inside the build macro. static function getClassPath() : Array<String>Return the current classpath static function getLocalClass() : Null<Ref<ClassType>>Returns the current class in which the macro is called static function getLocalMethod() : Null<String>Returns the name of the method from which the macro was called static function getLocalType() : Null<Type>Returns the current type in/on which the macro is called static function getLocalUsing() : Array<Ref<ClassType>> static function getLocalVars() : StringMap<Type> static function getModule( name : String ) : Array<Type>Return the list of types defined in the given compilation unit module static function getPosInfos( p : Position ) : { min : Int, max : Int, file : String }Get the informations stored into a given position. static function getType( name : String ) : TypeResolve a type from its name. static function getTypedExpr( t : TypedExpr ) : ExprReturn the raw expression corresponding to the given typed expression. static function makeExpr( v : Dynamic, pos : Position ) : ExprBuild an expression corresponding to the given runtime value. Only basic types + enums are supported. static function makePosition( inf : { min : Int, max : Int, file : String } ) : PositionBuild a position with the given informations. static function onGenerate( callb : Array<Type> -> Void ) : VoidSet a callback function that will return all the types compiled before they get generated. static function onMacroContextReused( callb : Void -> Bool ) : VoidRegister a callback function that will be called everytime the macro context cached is reused with a new compilation. This enable to reset some static vars since the code might have been changed. If the callback returns false, the macro context is discarded and another one is created. static function onTypeNotFound( callb : String -> TypeDefinition ) : Void static function parse( expr : String, pos : Position ) : ExprParse an expression. static function parseInlineString( expr : String, pos : Position ) : ExprParse a string contained into source code into the corresponding expression. Errors positions are reported within this string static function registerModuleDependency( modulePath : String, externFile : String ) : VoidManually add a dependency between a module and a third party file : make sure the module gets recompiled (if it was cached) in case the extern file has been modified as well. static function registerModuleReuseCall( modulePath : String, macroCall : String ) : VoidAdd a macro call to perform in case the module is reused by the compilation cache. static function resolvePath( file : String ) : StringResolve a filename based on current classpath. static function signature( v : Dynamic ) : StringQuickly build an hashed MD5 signature for any given value static function toComplexType( t : Type ) : Null<ComplexType> static function typeof( e : Expr ) : TypeEvaluate the type a given expression would have in the context of the current macro call. static function unify( t1 : Type, t2 : Type ) : Bool static function warning( msg : String, pos : Position ) : VoidDisplay a compilation warning at the given position in code
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