typedef haxe.macro.JSGenApiAvailable in flash8, flash, neko, js, php, cpp, cs, javaThis is the api that is passed to the custom JS generator.
var types : Array<Type>all the types that were compiled by haXe function setTypeAccessor( callb : Type -> String ) : Voiddefine the JS code that gets generated when a class or enum is accessed in a typed expression function setCurrentClass( c : ClassType ) : Voidselect the current classe function quoteString( s : String ) : Stringquote and escape the given string constant var outputFile : String var main : Null<TypedExpr>the main call expression, if a -main class is defined function isKeyword( ident : String ) : Booltells if the given identifier is a JS keyword function generateValue( e : TypedExpr ) : Stringgenerate the JS code for a given typed expression-value function generateStatement( e : TypedExpr ) : Stringgenerate the JS code for any given typed expression function buildMetaData( t : BaseType ) : Null<TypedExpr>
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