class haxe.remoting.ExternalConnectionimplements Connectionimplements Dynamic<Connection>Available in flash8, flash, neko, js, php, cpp, cs, javaSynchronous communications between Flash and Javascript. function call( params : Array<Dynamic> ) : Dynamic function close() : Void function resolve( field : String ) : Connection static function flashConnect( name : String, flashObjectID : String, ?ctx : Context ) : ExternalConnectionAvailable in jswill return a connection to the given Flash Object. Some HTML properties must be set. This will only work with Flash 8 and higher. Please note that the Haxe Flash content must be loaded and it must include the haxe.remoting.Connection class. static function jsConnect( name : String, ?ctx : Context ) : ExternalConnectionAvailable in flash8, flashwill return a connection to the local JavaScript Haxe code. The JS Haxe code must be compiled with the class ExternalConnection included. This is only working with Flash Player 8 and higher.
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