class haxe.xml.Proxy<Const, T>Available in flash8, flash, neko, js, php, cpp, cs, javaThis proxy can be inherited with an XML file name parameter. It will only allow access to fields which corresponds to an "id" attribute value in the XML file :
class MyXml extends haxe.xml.Proxy<"my.xml", MyStructure> { }

/* ... */

// ... fill h with "my.xml" content
var h = new Hash<MyStructure>();
var m = new MyXml(h.get); 

// access to "myNode" is only possible if you have 
// an id="myNode" attribute in your XML, and completion works as well
The Proxy will give you compile-time check against one single XML file (my.xml in this example).
After that, you have to fill the hashtable at runtime.
Note that you're free to use any XML file you wish, however the compile-time check will not check against this file.
Article with more infomation on xml.Proxy: About haxe.xml.Proxy
Usage Examples
function new( f : String -> T ) : Void function resolve( k : String ) : T
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