extern interface java.lang.AppendableAvailable in javaAn object to which <tt>char</tt> sequences and values can be appended. The <tt>Appendable</tt> interface must be implemented by any class whose instances are intended to receive formatted output from a {@link java.util.Formatter}.
<p> The characters to be appended should be valid Unicode characters as described in <a href="Character.html#unicode">Unicode Character Representation</a>. Note that supplementary characters may be composed of multiple 16-bit <tt>char</tt> values.
<p> Appendables are not necessarily safe for multithreaded access. Thread safety is the responsibility of classes that extend and implement this interface.
<p> Since this interface may be implemented by existing classes with different styles of error handling there is no guarantee that errors will be propagated to the invoker.
@since 1.5
function append( param1 : CharSequence ) : AppendableAppends the specified character sequence to this <tt>Appendable</tt>.
<p> Depending on which class implements the character sequence <tt>csq</tt>, the entire sequence may not be appended. For instance, if <tt>csq</tt> is a {@link java.nio.CharBuffer} then the subsequence to append is defined by the buffer's position and limit.
@param csq The character sequence to append. If <tt>csq</tt> is <tt>null</tt>, then the four characters <tt>"null"</tt> are appended to this Appendable.
@return A reference to this <tt>Appendable</tt>
@throws IOException If an I/O error occurs
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