extern interface java.lang.AutoCloseableAvailable in javaA resource that must be closed when it is no longer needed.
author Josh Bloch since 1.7
function close() : VoidCloses this resource, relinquishing any underlying resources. This method is invoked automatically on objects managed by the {@code try}-with-resources statement.
<p>While this interface method is declared to throw {@code Exception}, implementers are <em>strongly</em> encouraged to declare concrete implementations of the {@code close} method to throw more specific exceptions, or to throw no exception at all if the close operation cannot fail.
<p><em>Implementers of this interface are also strongly advised to not have the {@code close} method throw {@link InterruptedException}.</em>
This exception interacts with a thread's interrupted status, and runtime misbehavior is likely to occur if an {@code InterruptedException} is {@linkplain Throwable#addSuppressed suppressed}.
More generally, if it would cause problems for an exception to be suppressed, the {@code AutoCloseable.close} method should not throw it.
<p>Note that unlike the {@link close} method of {@link}, this {@code close} method is <em>not</em> required to be idempotent. In other words, calling this {@code close} method more than once may have some visible side effect, unlike {@code Closeable.close} which is required to have no effect if called more than once.
However, implementers of this interface are strongly encouraged to make their {@code close} methods idempotent.
@throws Exception if this resource cannot be closed
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