extern interface java.lang.CharSequenceAvailable in javaA <tt>CharSequence</tt> is a readable sequence of
values. This interface provides uniform, read-only access to many different kinds of
sequences. A
value represents a character in the <i>Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP)</i> or a surrogate. Refer to <a href="Character.html#unicode">Unicode Character Representation</a> for details.
<p> This interface does not refine the general contracts of the {@link java.lang.Object#equals(java.lang.Object) equals} and {@link java.lang.Object#hashCode() hashCode} methods. The result of comparing two objects that implement <tt>CharSequence</tt> is therefore, in general, undefined. Each object may be implemented by a different class, and there is no guarantee that each class will be capable of testing its instances for equality with those of the other. It is therefore inappropriate to use arbitrary <tt>CharSequence</tt> instances as elements in a set or as keys in a map. </p>
author Mike McCloskey since 1.4 @spec JSR-51
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