extern interface java.lang.CloneableAvailable in javaA class implements the
interface to indicate to the {@link java.lang.Object#clone()} method that it is legal for that method to make a field-for-field copy of instances of that class. <p> Invoking Object's clone method on an instance that does not implement the
interface results in the exception
being thrown. <p> By convention, classes that implement this interface should override <tt>Object.clone</tt> (which is protected) with a public method. See {@link java.lang.Object#clone()} for details on overriding this method. <p> Note that this interface does <i>not</i> contain the <tt>clone</tt> method. Therefore, it is not possible to clone an object merely by virtue of the fact that it implements this interface. Even if the clone method is invoked reflectively, there is no guarantee that it will succeed.
author  unascribed see java.lang.CloneNotSupportedException @see java.lang.Object#clone() @since JDK1.0
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