class java.LibAvailable in javaPlatform-specific Java Library. Provides some platform-specific functions for the Java target, such as conversion from haxe types to native types and vice-versa. static function array<T>( native : NativeArray<T> ) : Array<T>Returns a Haxe Array of a native Array. It won't copy the contents of the native array, so unless any operation triggers an array resize, all changes made to the Haxe array will affect the native array argument. static function arrayAlloc<T>( size : Int ) : Array<T>Allocates a new Haxe Array with a predetermined size static inline function lock( obj : Dynamic, block : Dynamic ) : Void static function nativeArray<T>( arr : Array<T>, equalLengthRequired : Bool ) : NativeArray<T>Returns a native array from the supplied Array. This native array is unsafe to be written on, as it may or may not be linked to the actual Array implementation.
If equalLengthRequired is true, the result might be a copy of an array with the correct size.
static function nativeType<T>( obj : T ) : Class<T>Gets the native System.Type from the supplied object. Will throw an exception in case of null being passed.
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