extern class js.html.AnchorElementextends ElementAvailable in jsDOM anchor elements expose the HTMLAnchorElement (or HTML 4 HTMLAnchorElement) interface, which provides special properties and methods (beyond the regular element object interface they also have available to them by inheritance) for manipulating the layout and presentation of hyperlink elements.

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var charset : StringThe character encoding of the linked resource. Obsolete in HTML5 var coords : StringComma-separated list of coordinates. Obsolete in HTML5 var download : String var hash : StringThe fragment identifier (including the leading hash mark (#)), if any, in the referenced URL. var host : StringThe hostname and port (if it's not the default port) in the referenced URL. var hostname : StringThe hostname in the referenced URL. var href : StringReflects the href HTML attribute, containing a valid URL of a linked resource. var hreflang : StringReflects the hreflang HTML attribute, indicating the language of the linked resource. var name : StringAnchor name. Obsolete in HTML5 var origin(default,null) : String var pathname : StringThe path name component, if any, of the referenced URL. var ping : String var port : StringThe port component, if any, of the referenced URL. var protocol : StringThe protocol component (including trailing colon (:)), of the referenced URL. var rel : StringReflects the rel HTML attribute, specifying the relationship of the target object to the link object. var rev : StringReverse link type. Obsolete in HTML5 var search : StringThe search element (including leading question mark (?)), if any, of the referenced URL var shape : StringThe shape of the active area. Obsolete in HTML5 var target : StringReflectst the target HTML attribute, indicating where to display the linked resource. var text(default,null) : StringSame as the textContent property. var type : StringReflects the type HTML attribute, indicating the MIME type of the linked resource. function toString() : String
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