extern class js.html.ArrayBufferViewAvailable in js

The ArrayBufferView type describes a particular view on the contents of an ArrayBuffer's data.

Of note is that you may create multiple views into the same buffer, each looking at the buffer's contents starting at a particular offset. This makes it possible to set up views of different data types to read the contents of a buffer based on the types of data at specific offsets into the buffer.

Note: Typically, you'll instantiate one of the subclasses of this object instead of this base class. Those provide access to the data formatted using specific data types.

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var buffer(default,null) : ArrayBufferThe buffer this view references. Read only. var byteLength(default,null) : IntThe length, in bytes, of the view. Read only. var byteOffset(default,null) : IntThe offset, in bytes, to the first byte of the view within the ArrayBuffer.
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