extern class js.html.CDATASectionextends TextAvailable in js

A CDATA Section can be used within XML to include extended portions of unescaped text, such that the symbols < and & do not need escaping as they normally do within XML when used as text.

It takes the form:

<![CDATA[  ... ]]>

For example:

<foo>Here is a CDATA section: <![CDATA[  < > & ]]> with all kinds of unescaped text. </foo>

The only sequence which is not allowed within a CDATA section is the closing sequence of a CDATA section itself:

<![CDATA[  ]]> will cause an error   ]]>

Note that CDATA sections should not be used (without hiding) within HTML.

As a CDATASection has no properties or methods unique to itself and only directly implements the Text interface, one can refer to Text to find its properties and methods.

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