extern class js.html.CSSRuleAvailable in js

An object implementing the CSSRule DOM interface represents a single CSS rule. References to a CSSRule-implementing object may be obtained by looking at a CSS style sheet's cssRules list.

There are several kinds of rules. The CSSRule interface specifies the properties common to all rules, while properties unique to specific rule types are specified in the more specialized interfaces for those rules' respective types.

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var cssText : StringReturns the textual representation of the rule, e.g. "h1,h2 { font-size: 16pt }" Setter throws DOMException. var parentRule(default,null) : CSSRuleReturns the containing rule, otherwise null. E.g. if this rule is a style rule inside an @media block, the parent rule would be that CSSMediaRule. var parentStyleSheet(default,null) : CSSStyleSheetReturns the CSSStyleSheet object for the style sheet that contains this rule var type(default,null) : IntOne of the Type constants indicating the type of CSS rule. static inline var CHARSET_RULE : Int static inline var FONT_FACE_RULE : Int static inline var IMPORT_RULE : Int static inline var KEYFRAMES_RULE : Int static inline var KEYFRAME_RULE : Int static inline var MEDIA_RULE : Int static inline var PAGE_RULE : Int static inline var STYLE_RULE : Int static inline var UNKNOWN_RULE : Int
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