extern class js.html.CSSStyleSheetextends StyleSheetAvailable in js

An object implementing the CSSStyleSheet interface represents a single CSS style sheet.

A CSS style sheet consists of CSS rules, each of which can be manipulated through an object that corresponds to that rule and that implements the CSSRule interface. The CSSStyleSheet itself lets you examine and modify its corresponding style sheet, including its list of rules.

In practice, every CSSStyleSheet also implements the more generic StyleSheet interface. A list of CSSStyleSheet-implementing objects corresponding to the style sheets for a given document can be reached by the document.styleSheets property, if the document is styled by an external CSS style sheet or an inline style element.

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var cssRules(default,null) : CSSRuleListReturns a CSSRuleList of the CSS rules in the style sheet. var ownerRule(default,null) : CSSRuleIf this style sheet is imported into the document using an @import rule, the ownerRule property will return that CSSImportRule, otherwise it returns null. var rules(default,null) : CSSRuleList function addRule( selector : String, style : String, ?index : Int ) : Int function deleteRule( index : Int ) : Void function insertRule( rule : String, index : Int ) : Int function removeRule( index : Int ) : Void
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