extern class js.html.DOMSelectionAvailable in js

Selection is the class of the object returned by window.getSelection() and other methods. It represents the text selection in the greater page, possibly spanning multiple elements, when the user drags over static text and other parts of the page. For information about text selection in an individual text editing element, see Input , TextArea and document.activeElement which typically return the parent object returned from window.getSelection() .

A selection object represents the ranges that the user has selected. Typically, it holds only one range, accessed as follows:

var selObj = window.getSelection();
var range  = selObj.getRangeAt(0);
  • selObj is a Selection object
  • range is a Range object

Calling the Selection/toString() method returns the text contained in the selection, e.g

var selObj = window.getSelection();

Note that using a selection object as the argument to window.alert will call the object's toString method.

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var anchorNode(default,null) : NodeReturns the node in which the selection begins. var anchorOffset(default,null) : IntReturns the number of characters that the selection's anchor is offset within the anchorNode. var baseNode(default,null) : Node var baseOffset(default,null) : Int var extentNode(default,null) : Node var extentOffset(default,null) : Int var focusNode(default,null) : NodeReturns the node in which the selection ends. var focusOffset(default,null) : IntReturns the number of characters that the selection's focus is offset within the focusNode. var isCollapsed(default,null) : BoolReturns a Boolean indicating whether the selection's start and end points are at the same position. var rangeCount(default,null) : IntReturns the number of ranges in the selection. var type(default,null) : String function addRange( range : Range ) : Void function collapse( node : Node, index : Int ) : Void function collapseToEnd() : Void function collapseToStart() : Void function containsNode( node : Node, allowPartial : Bool ) : Bool function deleteFromDocument() : Void function empty() : Void function extend( node : Node, offset : Int ) : Void function getRangeAt( index : Int ) : Range function modify( alter : String, direction : String, granularity : String ) : Void function removeAllRanges() : Void function selectAllChildren( node : Node ) : Void function setBaseAndExtent( baseNode : Node, baseOffset : Int, extentNode : Node, extentOffset : Int ) : Void function setPosition( node : Node, offset : Int ) : Void function toString() : String
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