extern class js.html.Float64Arrayextends ArrayBufferViewAvailable in js

The Float64Array type represents an array of 64-bit floating point numbers (corresponding to the C double data type).

Once established, you can reference elements in the array using the object's methods, or using standard array index syntax (that is, using bracket notation).

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var length(default,null) : IntThe number of entries in the array. Read only. function new( buffer : ArrayBuffer, ?byteOffset : Int, ?length : Int ) : Void
Note: In these methods, TypedArray represents any of the typed array object types.
Float64Array Float64Array(unsigned long length);
Float64Array Float64Array(TypedArray array);
Float64Array Float64Array(sequence<type> array);
Float64Array Float64Array(ArrayBuffer buffer, optional unsigned long byteOffset, optional unsigned long length);

Returns a new Float64Array object.

Float64Array Float64Array(
  unsigned long length

Float64Array Float64Array(
  TypedArray array

Float64Array Float64Array(
  sequence<type> array

Float64Array Float64Array(
  ArrayBuffer buffer,
  optional unsigned long byteOffset,
  optional unsigned long length
The number of elements in the byte array. If unspecified, length of the array view will match the buffer's length.
An object of any of the typed array types (such as Uint8Array), or a sequence of objects of a particular type, to copy into a new ArrayBuffer. Each value in the source array is converted to a 64-bit floating point number before being copied into the new array.
An existing ArrayBuffer to use as the storage for the new Float64Array object.
The offset, in bytes, to the first byte in the specified buffer for the new view to reference. If not specified, the Float64Array's view of the buffer will start with the first byte.
Return value

A new Float64Array object representing the specified data buffer.

function set( array : Array<Int>, ?offset : Int ) : Void

Sets multiple values in the typed array, reading input values from a specified array.

An array from which to copy values. All values from the source array are copied into the target array, unless the length of the source array plus the offset exceeds the length of the target array, in which case an exception is thrown. If the source array is a typed array, the two arrays may share the same underlying ArrayBuffer; the browser will intelligently copy the source range of the buffer to the destination range.
offset Optional
The offset into the target array at which to begin writing values from the source array. If you omit this value, 0 is assumed (that is, the source array will overwrite values in the target array starting at index 0).
function subarray( start : Int, ?end : Int ) : Float64Array static inline var BYTES_PER_ELEMENT : IntThe size, in bytes, of each array element.
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