extern class js.html.FormElementextends ElementAvailable in js

FORM elements share all of the properties and methods of other HTML elements described in the element section.

This interface provides methods to create and modify FORM elements using the DOM.

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var acceptCharset : StringReflects the accept-charset  HTML attribute, containing a list of character encodings that the server accepts. var action : StringReflects the action  HTML attribute, containing the URI of a program that processes the information submitted by the form. var autocomplete : StringReflects the autocomplete HTML attribute, containing a string that indicates whether the controls in this form can have their values automatically populated by the browser. var elements(default,null) : HTMLCollectionAll the form controls belonging to this form element. var encoding : StringSynonym for enctype. var enctype : StringReflects the enctype  HTML attribute, indicating the type of content that is used to transmit the form to the server. Only specified values can be set. var length(default,null) : IntThe number of controls in the form. var method : StringReflects the method  HTML attribute, indicating the HTTP method used to submit the form. Only specified values can be set. var name : StringReflects the name  HTML attribute, containing the name of the form. var noValidate : BoolReflects the novalidate HTML attribute, indicating that the form should not be validated. var target : StringReflects the target HTML attribute, indicating where to display the results received from submitting the form. function checkValidity() : Bool function reset() : Void function submit() : Void
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