extern class js.html.idb.DatabaseExceptionAvailable in jsIn the IndexedDB API, an IDBDatabaseException object represents exception conditions that can be encountered while performing database operations.

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var code(default,null) : IntThe most appropriate error code for the condition. var message(default,null) : StringError message describing the exception raised. var name(default,null) : String function toString() : String static inline var ABORT_ERR : IntA request was aborted, for example, through a call to IDBTransaction.abort. static inline var CONSTRAINT_ERR : IntA mutation operation in the transaction failed because a constraint was not satisfied. For example, an object, such as an object store or index, already exists and a request attempted to create a new one. static inline var DATA_ERR : IntData provided to an operation does not meet requirements. static inline var NON_TRANSIENT_ERR : IntAn operation was not allowed on an object. Unless the cause of the error is corrected, retrying the same operation would result in failure. static inline var NOT_ALLOWED_ERR : Int

An operation was called on an object where it is not allowed or at a time when it is not allowed. It also occurs if a request is made on a source object that has been deleted or removed.

More specific variants of this error includes: TRANSACTION_INACTIVE_ERR and READ_ONLY_ERR.

static inline var NOT_FOUND_ERR : IntThe operation failed, because the requested database object could not be found; for example, an object store did not exist but was being opened. static inline var NO_ERR : Int static inline var QUOTA_ERR : IntEither there's not enough remaining storage space or the storage quota was reached and the user declined to give more space to the database. static inline var READ_ONLY_ERR : IntA mutation operation was attempted in a READ_ONLY transaction. static inline var TIMEOUT_ERR : IntA lock for the transaction could not be obtained in a reasonable time. static inline var TRANSACTION_INACTIVE_ERR : IntA request was made against a transaction that is either not currently active or is already finished. static inline var UNKNOWN_ERR : IntThe operation failed for reasons unrelated to the database itself, and it is not covered by any other error code; for example, a failure due to disk IO errors. static inline var VER_ERR : IntA request to open a database with a version lower than the one it already has. This can only happen with IDBOpenDBRequest.
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