extern class js.html.idb.KeyRangeAvailable in jsThe IDBKeyRange interface of the IndexedDB API represents a continuous interval over some data type that is used for keys. Records can be retrieved from object stores and indexes using keys or a range of keys. You can limit the range using lower and upper bounds. For example, you can iterate over all values of a key between x and y.

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var lower(default,null) : Key var lowerOpen(default,null) : Bool var upper(default,null) : Key var upperOpen(default,null) : BoolReturns false if the upper-bound value is included in the key range. static function bound( lower : Key, upper : Key, ?lowerOpen : Bool, ?upperOpen : Bool ) : KeyRange static function lowerBound( bound : Key, ?open : Bool ) : KeyRange static function only( value : Key ) : KeyRange static function upperBound( bound : Key, ?open : Bool ) : KeyRange
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