extern class js.html.idb.Requestextends EventTargetAvailable in js

The IDBRequest interface of the IndexedDB API provides access to results of asynchronous requests to databases and database objects using event handler attributes. Each reading and writing operation on a database is done using a request.

The request object does not initially contain any information about the result of the operation, but once information becomes available, an event is fired on the request, and the information becomes available through the properties of the IDBRequest instance.

Inherits from: EventTarget

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var error(default,null) : DOMErrorGetter throws DatabaseException. var errorCode(default,null) : IntGetter throws DatabaseException. var errorMessage(default,null) : StringGetter throws DatabaseException. var onerror : EventListener var onsuccess : EventListener var readyState(default,null) : String var result(default,null) : AnyGetter throws DatabaseException. var source(default,null) : Any var transaction(default,null) : Transaction
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