extern class js.html.idb.Transactionextends EventTargetAvailable in js

The IDBTransaction interface of the IndexedDB API provides a static, asynchronous transaction on a database using event handler attributes. All reading and writing of data are done within transactions. You actually use IDBDatabase to start transactions and use IDBTransaction to set the mode of the transaction and access an object store and make your request. You can also use it to abort transactions.

Inherits from: EventTarget

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var db(default,null) : DatabaseThe database connection that this transaction is associated with. var error(default,null) : DOMError var mode(default,null) : StringThe mode for isolating access to data in the object stores that are in the scope of the transaction. For possible values, see Constants. The default value is READ_ONLY. var onabort : EventListenerThe event handler for the onabort event. var oncomplete : EventListenerThe event handler for the oncomplete event. var onerror : EventListenerThe event handler for the error event. function abort() : Void function objectStore( name : String ) : ObjectStore static inline var READ_ONLY : IntAllows data to be read but not changed.  static inline var READ_WRITE : IntAllows reading and writing of data in existing data stores to be changed. static inline var VERSION_CHANGE : IntAllows any operation to be performed, including ones that delete and create object stores and indexes. This mode is for updating the version number of transactions that were started using the setVersion() method of IDBDatabase objects. Transactions of this mode cannot run concurrently with other transactions.
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