extern class js.html.IFrameElementextends ElementAvailable in jsDOM iframe objects expose the HTMLIFrameElement (or HTML 4 HTMLIFrameElement) interface, which provides special properties and methods (beyond the regular element object interface they also have available to them by inheritance) for manipulating the layout and presentation of inline frame elements.

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var align : StringSpecifies the alignment of the frame with respect to the surrounding context. var contentDocument(default,null) : DocumentThe active document in the inline frame's nested browsing context. var contentWindow(default,null) : DOMWindowThe window proxy for the nested browsing context. var frameBorder : String var height : StringReflects the height HTML attribute, indicating the height of the frame. var longDesc : StringURI of a long description of the frame. var marginHeight : StringHeight of the frame margin. var marginWidth : StringWidth of the frame margin. var name : StringReflects the name HTML attribute, containing a name by which to refer to the frame. var sandbox : StringReflects the sandbox HTML attribute, indicating extra restrictions on the behavior of the nested content. var scrolling : StringIndicates whether the browser should provide scrollbars for the frame. var src : StringReflects the src HTML attribute, containing the address of the content to be embedded. var srcdoc : StringThe content to display in the frame. var width : StringReflects the width  HTML attribute, indicating the width of the frame. function getSVGDocument() : Document
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