extern class js.html.ImageElementextends ElementAvailable in jsDOM image objects expose the HTMLImageElement (or HTML 4 HTMLImageElement) interface, which provides special properties and methods (beyond the regular element object interface they also have available to them by inheritance) for manipulating the layout and presentation of input elements.

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var align : StringIndicates the alignment of the image with respect to the surrounding context. var alt : StringReflects the alt HTML attribute, indicating fallback context for the image. var border : StringWidth of the border around the image. var complete(default,null) : BoolTrue if the browser has fetched the image, and it is in a supported image type that was decoded without errors. var crossOrigin : StringThe CORS setting for this image element. See CORS settings attributes for details. var height : IntReflects the height HTML attribute, indicating the rendered height of the image in CSS pixels. var hspace : IntSpace to the left and right of the image. var isMap : BoolReflects the ismap HTML attribute, indicating that the image is part of a server-side image map. var longDesc : StringURI of a long description of the image. var lowsrc : StringA reference to a low-quality (but faster to load) copy of the image. var name : String var naturalHeight(default,null) : IntIntrinsic height of the image in CSS pixels, if it is available; otherwise, 0. var naturalWidth(default,null) : IntIntrinsic width of the image in CSS pixels, if it is available; otherwise, 0. var src : StringReflects the src HTML attribute, containing the URL of the image. var useMap : StringReflects the usemap HTML attribute, containing a partial URL of a map element. var vspace : IntSpace above and below the image. var width : IntReflects the width HTML attribute, indicating the rendered width of the image in CSS pixels. var x(default,null) : Int var y(default,null) : Int
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