extern class js.html.LocationAvailable in jsReturns a Location object, which contains information about the URL of the document and provides methods for changing that URL. You can also assign to this property to load another URL.

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var ancestorOrigins(default,null) : DOMStringList var hash : Stringthe part of the URL that follows the # symbol, including the # symbol.
You can listen for the hashchange event to get notified of changes to the hash in supporting browsers.
var host : Stringthe host name and port number. var hostname : Stringthe host name (without the port number or square brackets). var href : Stringthe entire URL. var origin(default,null) : String var pathname : Stringthe path (relative to the host). var port : Stringthe port number of the URL. var protocol : Stringthe protocol of the URL. var search : Stringthe part of the URL that follows the ? symbol, including the ? symbol. function assign( url : String ) : Void function reload() : Void function replace( url : String ) : Void function toString() : String
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