extern class js.html.MessageEventextends EventAvailable in js
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A MessageEvent is sent to clients using WebSockets when data is received from the server. This is delivered to the listener indicated by the WebSocket object's onmessage attribute.

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var data(default,null) : DynamicThe data from the server. var lastEventId(default,null) : String var origin(default,null) : String var ports(default,null) : Array<Dynamic> var source(default,null) : DOMWindow function new( type : String, ?canBubble : Bool, ?cancelable : Bool ) : Void function initMessageEvent( typeArg : String, canBubbleArg : Bool, cancelableArg : Bool, dataArg : Dynamic, originArg : String, lastEventIdArg : String, sourceArg : DOMWindow, transferables : Array<Dynamic> ) : Void
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