extern class js.html.NamedNodeMapAvailable in jsA collection of nodes returned by Element.attributes (also potentially for DocumentType.entities, DocumentType.notations). NamedNodeMaps are not in any particular order (unlike NodeList), although they may be accessed by an index as in an array (they may also be accessed with the item() method). A NamedNodeMap object are live and will thus be auto-updated if changes are made to their contents internally or elsewhere.

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var length(default,null) : Int function getNamedItem( name : String ) : Node function getNamedItemNS( ?namespaceURI : String, localName : String ) : Node function item( index : Int ) : Node function removeNamedItem( name : String ) : Node function removeNamedItemNS( ?namespaceURI : String, localName : String ) : Node function setNamedItem( node : Node ) : Node function setNamedItemNS( node : Node ) : Node
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