extern class js.html.OptionElementextends ElementAvailable in js

DOM option elements elements share all of the properties and methods of other HTML elements described in the element section. They also have the specialized interface HTMLOptionElement (or HTML 4 HTMLOptionElement).

No methods are defined on this interface.

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var defaultSelected : BoolReflects the value of the selected HTML attribute. which indicates whether the option is selected by default. var disabled : BoolReflects the value of the disabled HTML attribute, which indicates that the option is unavailable to be selected. An option can also be disabled if it is a child of an <optgroup> element that is disabled. var form(default,null) : FormElementIf the option is a descendent of a <select> element, then this property has the same value as the form property of the corresponding {{DomXref("HTMLSelectElement") object; otherwise, it is null. var index(default,null) : IntThe position of the option within the list of options it belongs to, in tree-order. If the option is not part of a list of options, the value is 0. var label : StringReflects the value of the label HTML attribute, which provides a label for the option. If this attribute isn't specifically set, reading it returns the element's text content. var selected : BoolIndicates whether the option is selected. var text : StringContains the text content of the element. Setter throws DOMException. var value : StringReflects the value of the value HTML attribute, if it exists; otherwise reflects value of the textContent  IDL attribute. function new() : Void
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