extern class js.html.OutputElementextends ElementAvailable in js var defaultValue : StringThe default value of the element, initially the empty string. var form(default,null) : FormElementIndicates the control's form owner, reflecting the form  HTML attribute if it is defined. var htmlFor : DOMSettableTokenListReflects the for HTML attribute, containing a list of IDs of other elements in the same document that contribute to (or otherwise affect) the calculated value. var labels(default,null) : NodeListA list of label elements associated with this output element. var name : StringReflects the name HTML attribute, containing the name for the control that is submitted with form data. var type(default,null) : StringMust be the string output. var validationMessage(default,null) : StringA localized message that describes the validation constraints that the control does not satisfy (if any). This is the empty string if the control is not a candidate for constraint validation (willValidate is false), or it satisfies its constraints. var validity(default,null) : ValidityStateThe validity states that this element is in. var value : StringThe value of the contents of the elements. Behaves like the textContent property. var willValidate(default,null) : Bool

in Gecko 2.0. Indicates whether the element is a candidate for constraint validation. It is false if any conditions bar it from constraint validation. (See bug 604673 .)

The standard behavior is to always return false because output objects are never candidates for constraint validation.

function checkValidity() : Bool function setCustomValidity( error : String ) : Void
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