extern class js.html.ProgressElementextends ElementAvailable in jsThe HTML progress (<progress>) element is used to view the completion progress of a task. While the specifics of how it's displayed is left up to the browser developer, it's typically displayed as a progress bar.

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var labels(default,null) : NodeList var max : FloatThis attribute describes how much work the task indicated by the progress element requires. Setter throws DOMException. var position(default,null) : Float var value : Float
This attribute specifies how much of the task that has been completed. If there is no value attribute, the progress bar is indeterminate; this indicates that an activity is ongoing with no indication of how long it is expected to take.

You can use the orient property to specify whether the progress bar should be rendered horizontally (the default) or vertically. The :indeterminate pseudo-class can be used to match against indeterminate progress bars.

Setter throws DOMException.
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