extern class js.html.ProgressEventextends EventAvailable in js
This interface represents the events sent with progress information while uploading data using the XMLHttpRequest object.
Gecko 1.9.1
Inherits from: nsIDOMEvent Last changed in Gecko 1.9.1 (Firefox 3.5 / Thunderbird 3.0 / SeaMonkey 2.0)

The nsIDOMProgressEvent is used in the media elements (<video> and <audio> ) to inform interested code of the progress of the media download. This implementation is a placeholder until the specification is complete, and is compatible with the WebKit ProgressEvent.

Documentation for this class was provided by MDN.
var lengthComputable(default,null) : BoolSpecifies whether or not the total size of the transfer is known. Read only. var loaded(default,null) : IntThe number of bytes transferred since the beginning of the operation. This doesn't include headers and other overhead, but only the content itself. Read only. var total(default,null) : IntThe total number of bytes of content that will be transferred during the operation. If the total size is unknown, this value is zero. Read only. function new( type : String, ?canBubble : Bool, ?cancelable : Bool ) : Void
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