extern class js.html.ScreenAvailable in jsReturns a reference to the screen object associated with the window.

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var availHeight(default,null) : IntSpecifies the height of the screen, in pixels, minus permanent or semipermanent user interface features displayed by the operating system, such as the Taskbar on Windows. var availLeft(default,null) : IntReturns the first available pixel available from the left side of the screen. var availTop(default,null) : IntSpecifies the y-coordinate of the first pixel that is not allocated to permanent or semipermanent user interface features. var availWidth(default,null) : IntReturns the amount of horizontal space in pixels available to the window. var colorDepth(default,null) : IntReturns the color depth of the screen. var height(default,null) : IntReturns the height of the screen in pixels. var pixelDepth(default,null) : IntGets the bit depth of the screen. var width(default,null) : IntReturns the width of the screen.
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