extern class js.html.svg.FEBlendElementextends ElementAvailable in jsThe feBlend filter composes two objects together ruled by a certain blending mode. This is similar to what is known from image editing software when blending two layers. The mode is defined by the mode attribute.

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var in1(default,null) : AnimatedString var in2(default,null) : AnimatedString var mode(default,null) : AnimatedEnumeration static inline var SVG_FEBLEND_MODE_DARKEN : Int static inline var SVG_FEBLEND_MODE_LIGHTEN : Int static inline var SVG_FEBLEND_MODE_MULTIPLY : Int static inline var SVG_FEBLEND_MODE_NORMAL : Int static inline var SVG_FEBLEND_MODE_SCREEN : Int static inline var SVG_FEBLEND_MODE_UNKNOWN : Int
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