extern class js.html.svg.FECompositeElementextends ElementAvailable in js

Two input images are joined by means of an operator applied to each input pixel together with an arithmetic operation

result = k1*in1*in2 + k2*in1 + k3*in2 + k4

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var in1(default,null) : AnimatedString var in2(default,null) : AnimatedString var k1(default,null) : AnimatedNumber var k2(default,null) : AnimatedNumber var k3(default,null) : AnimatedNumber var k4(default,null) : AnimatedNumber var operator(default,null) : AnimatedEnumeration static inline var SVG_FECOMPOSITE_OPERATOR_ARITHMETIC : Int static inline var SVG_FECOMPOSITE_OPERATOR_ATOP : Int static inline var SVG_FECOMPOSITE_OPERATOR_IN : Int static inline var SVG_FECOMPOSITE_OPERATOR_OUT : Int static inline var SVG_FECOMPOSITE_OPERATOR_OVER : Int static inline var SVG_FECOMPOSITE_OPERATOR_UNKNOWN : Int static inline var SVG_FECOMPOSITE_OPERATOR_XOR : Int
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