extern class js.html.svg.FEConvolveMatrixElementextends ElementAvailable in jsThe filter modifies a pixel by means of a convolution matrix, that also takes neighboring pixels into account.

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var bias(default,null) : AnimatedNumber var divisor(default,null) : AnimatedNumber var edgeMode(default,null) : AnimatedEnumeration var in1(default,null) : AnimatedString var kernelMatrix(default,null) : AnimatedNumberList var kernelUnitLengthX(default,null) : AnimatedNumber var kernelUnitLengthY(default,null) : AnimatedNumber var orderX(default,null) : AnimatedInteger var orderY(default,null) : AnimatedInteger var preserveAlpha(default,null) : AnimatedBoolean var targetX(default,null) : AnimatedInteger var targetY(default,null) : AnimatedInteger static inline var SVG_EDGEMODE_DUPLICATE : Int static inline var SVG_EDGEMODE_NONE : Int static inline var SVG_EDGEMODE_UNKNOWN : Int static inline var SVG_EDGEMODE_WRAP : Int
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