extern class js.html.svg.GradientElementextends ElementAvailable in jsThe SVGGradient interface is a base interface used by SVGLinearGradientElement and SVGRadialGradientElement .

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var gradientTransform(default,null) : AnimatedTransformListCorresponds to attribute gradientTransform on the given element. var gradientUnits(default,null) : AnimatedEnumerationCorresponds to attribute gradientUnits on the given element. Takes one of the constants defined in SVGUnitTypes . var spreadMethod(default,null) : AnimatedEnumerationCorresponds to attribute spreadMethod on the given element. One of the Spread Method Types defined on this interface. static inline var SVG_SPREADMETHOD_PAD : IntCorresponds to value pad. static inline var SVG_SPREADMETHOD_REFLECT : IntCorresponds to value reflect. static inline var SVG_SPREADMETHOD_REPEAT : IntCorresponds to value repeat. static inline var SVG_SPREADMETHOD_UNKNOWN : IntThe type is not one of predefined types. It is invalid to attempt to define a new value of this type or to attempt to switch an existing value to this type.
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