extern class js.html.svg.MarkerElementextends ElementAvailable in jsThe marker element defines the graphics that is to be used for drawing arrowheads or polymarkers on a given <path> , <line> , <polyline> or <polygon> element.

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var markerHeight(default,null) : AnimatedLength var markerUnits(default,null) : AnimatedEnumeration var markerWidth(default,null) : AnimatedLength var orientAngle(default,null) : AnimatedAngle var orientType(default,null) : AnimatedEnumeration var refX(default,null) : AnimatedLength var refY(default,null) : AnimatedLength function setOrientToAngle( angle : Angle ) : Void function setOrientToAuto() : Void static inline var SVG_MARKERUNITS_STROKEWIDTH : Int static inline var SVG_MARKERUNITS_UNKNOWN : Int static inline var SVG_MARKERUNITS_USERSPACEONUSE : Int static inline var SVG_MARKER_ORIENT_ANGLE : Int static inline var SVG_MARKER_ORIENT_AUTO : Int static inline var SVG_MARKER_ORIENT_UNKNOWN : Int
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