extern class js.html.svg.TextPathElementextends TextContentElementAvailable in jsIn addition to text drawn in a straight line, SVG also includes the ability to place text along the shape of a <path> element. To specify that a block of text is to be rendered along the shape of a <path> , include the given text within a textPath element which includes an xlink:href attribute with a reference to a <path> element.

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var method(default,null) : AnimatedEnumeration var spacing(default,null) : AnimatedEnumeration var startOffset(default,null) : AnimatedLength static inline var TEXTPATH_METHODTYPE_ALIGN : Int static inline var TEXTPATH_METHODTYPE_STRETCH : Int static inline var TEXTPATH_METHODTYPE_UNKNOWN : Int static inline var TEXTPATH_SPACINGTYPE_AUTO : Int static inline var TEXTPATH_SPACINGTYPE_EXACT : Int static inline var TEXTPATH_SPACINGTYPE_UNKNOWN : Int
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