extern class js.html.TableElementextends ElementAvailable in jstable objects expose the HTMLTableElement interface, which provides special properties and methods (beyond the regular element object interface they also have available to them by inheritance) for manipulating the layout and presentation of tables in HTML.

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var align : Stringalign gets/sets the alignment of the table. var bgColor : StringbgColor gets/sets the background color of the table. var border : Stringborder gets/sets the table border. var caption : TableCaptionElementcaption returns the table caption. Setter throws DOMException. var cellPadding : StringcellPadding gets/sets the cell padding. var cellSpacing : StringcellSpacing gets/sets the spacing around the table. var frame : Stringframe specifies which sides of the table have borders. var rows(default,null) : HTMLCollectionrows returns the rows in the table. var rules : Stringrules specifies which interior borders are visible. var summary : Stringsummary gets/sets the table summary. var tBodies(default,null) : HTMLCollectiontBodies returns the table bodies. var tFoot : TableSectionElementtFoot returns the table footer. Setter throws DOMException. var tHead : TableSectionElementtHead returns the table head. Setter throws DOMException. var width : Stringwidth gets/sets the width of the table. function createCaption() : Element function createTBody() : Element function createTFoot() : Element function createTHead() : Element function deleteCaption() : Void function deleteRow( index : Int ) : Void function deleteTFoot() : Void function deleteTHead() : Void function insertRow( index : Int ) : Element
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