extern class js.html.TableSectionElementextends ElementAvailable in jsThe HTML Table Head Element (<thead>) defines a set of rows defining the head of the columns of the table.

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var align : StringThis enumerated attribute specifies how horizontal alignment of each cell content will be handled. Possible values are:
  • left, aligning the content to the left of the cell
  • center, centering the content in the cell
  • right, aligning the content to the right of the cell
  • justify, inserting spaces into the textual content so that the content is justified in the cell
  • char, aligning the textual content on a special character with a minimal offset, defined by the char and charoff attributes Unimplemented (see bug 2212 ) .

If this attribute is not set,  the left value is assumed.

Note: Do not use this attribute as it is obsolete (not supported) in the latest standard.
  • To achieve the same effect as the left, center, right or justify values, use the CSS text-align property on it.
  • To achieve the same effect as the char value, in CSS3, you can use the value of the char as the value of the text-align property Unimplemented .
var ch : String var chOff : String var rows(default,null) : HTMLCollection var vAlign : String function deleteRow( index : Int ) : Void function insertRow( index : Int ) : Element
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