extern class js.html.ValidityStateAvailable in jsThe DOM ValidityState interface represents the validity states that an element can be in, with respect to constraint validation.

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var customError(default,null) : BoolThe element's custom validity message has been set to a non-empty string by calling the element's setCustomValidity() method. var patternMismatch(default,null) : BoolThe value does not match the specified pattern . var rangeOverflow(default,null) : BoolThe value is greater than the specified max . var rangeUnderflow(default,null) : BoolThe value is less than the specified min . var stepMismatch(default,null) : BoolThe value does not fit the rules determined by step . var tooLong(default,null) : Bool

The value exceeds the specified maxlength for HTMLInputElement or HTMLTextAreaElement objects.

Note: This will never be true in Gecko, because elements' values are prevented from being longer than maxlength.
var typeMismatch(default,null) : BoolThe value is not in the required syntax (when type is email or url). var valid(default,null) : BoolNo other constraint validation conditions are true. var valueMissing(default,null) : BoolThe element has a required attribute, but no value.
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