class neko.db.ObjectAvailable in nekoSPOD Object : the persistent object base type. See the tutorial on Haxe website to learn how to use SPOD. function new() : Void function delete() : VoidRemove the object from the database. function insert() : VoidInsert a newly created object into the database.
All fields that have been defined in the object will be used to create the INSERT statement.
If some table fields have not been defined in the object, they will still be null after insertion, so you might need to synchronize the object before using them. If the table identifier has not been defined, it is retrieved using the LAST_INSERT_ID() command.
Auto-incremented ids are retrieved from the database to the SPOD on insertion (no sync required), default fields values are not (sync required).
function sync() : VoidSynchronize the object fields by retrieving the current database datas. function toString() : StringReturns the name of the table with the object identifier(s). dynamic function update() : VoidUpdate in the database the object fields that have been modified.
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