class in neko, php, cpp, cs, javaA TCP socket class : allow you to both connect to a given server and exchange messages or start your own server and wait for connections. var custom : DynamicA custom value that can be associated with the socket. Can be used to retreive your custom infos after a select. var input(default,null) : InputThe stream on which you can read available data. By default the stream is blocking until the requested data is available, use setBlocking(false) or setTimeout to prevent infinite waiting. var output(default,null) : OutputThe stream on which you can send data. Please note that in case the output buffer you will block while writing the data, use setBlocking(false) or setTimeout to prevent that. function new() : VoidCreates a new unconnected socket. function accept() : SocketAccept a new connected client. This will return a connected socket on which you can read/write some data. function bind( host : Host, port : Int ) : VoidBind the socket to the given host/port so it can afterwards listen for connections there. function close() : VoidCloses the socket : make sure to properly close all your sockets or you will crash when you run out of file descriptors. function connect( host : Host, port : Int ) : VoidConnect to the given server host/port. Throw an exception in case we couldn't sucessfully connect. function host() : { port : Int, host : Host }Return the informations about our side of a connected socket. function listen( connections : Int ) : VoidAllow the socket to listen for incoming questions. The parameter tells how many pending connections we can have until they get refused. Use accept() to accept incoming connections. function peer() : { port : Int, host : Host }Return the informations about the other side of a connected socket. function read() : StringRead the whole data available on the socket. function setBlocking( b : Bool ) : VoidChange the blocking mode of the socket. A blocking socket is the default behavior. A non-blocking socket will abort blocking operations immediatly by throwing a value. function setFastSend( b : Bool ) : VoidAllows the socket to immediatly send the data when written to its output : this will cause less ping but might increase the number of packets / data size, especially when doing a lot of small writes. function setTimeout( timeout : Float ) : VoidGives a timeout after which blocking socket operations (such as reading and writing) will abort and throw an exception. function shutdown( read : Bool, write : Bool ) : VoidShutdown the socket, either for reading or writing. function waitForRead() : VoidBlock until some data is available for read on the socket. function write( content : String ) : VoidWrite the whole data to the socket output. static function select( read : Array<Socket>, write : Array<Socket>, others : Array<Socket>, ?timeout : Float ) : { write : Array<Socket>, read : Array<Socket>, others : Array<Socket> }Wait until one of the sockets groups is ready for the given operation : read contains sockets on which we want to wait for available data to be read, write contains sockets on which we want to wait until we are allowed to write some data to their output buffers, others contains sockets on which we want to wait for exceptional conditions. select will block until one of the condition is met, in which case it will return the sockets for which the condition was true. In case a timeout (in seconds) is specified, select might wait at worse until the timeout expires.
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