Google Summer of Code 2009

This is an idea list of GSOC2009 Haxe-related projects, feel free to complete it :

  • Haxe/Java : adding the ability to compile Haxe to Java bytecode. This require to add a new backend to the compiler as described in Development of a compilation target for Haxe, as well as some basic knowledge about Java and how a virtual machine is working in general.
  • Eclipse support : EcliHX is Eclipse-based IDE for Haxe. It would be required to improve the overall Haxe integration, for example by adding Compiler Completion as well as features requested by the community (to be discussed on the Haxe mailing list)
  • Portability : Haxe and Neko work on Windows and OSX, but because they rely on some Linux-specific assertions, Linux is currently the only Unix-like system they work on. In order to make Haxe a more universal language, enhancing its own portability would be a strong point. Haxe and Neko should especially work on common free BSD systems : OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonflyBSD and FreeBSD.
  • Crossplatform GUI : A native Haxe GUI framework possibly crossplatform (Flash, JS/HTML or JS/Canvas, Nme). It can be based (or not) on ExtJS, GWT, YUI, QooxDoo, OpenPyro, Flex ...
  • (add a project here)
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