Google Summer of Code 2011

Sadly, we have not been selected this year... But never give up, Haxers!

To students:

Steps to participate

1. Think of an idea how you can contribute to Haxe. You can pick a suitable one form the idea list below.
2. Write a proposal and post it to the mailing list to ask for comments.
3. Submit the finalized proposal to GSoC before April 8.

What should be included in project proposal?

We do not have a template for you, since project ideas can be very different. However, we recommend you to include the following items:

  • Self-introduction, including how long you have been using Haxe, have you contributed to Haxe or other open source project. Your contact info (at least your email).
  • The project idea, including some research on the topic and similar existing projects.
  • Why the project will be useful (to Haxe and/or to the world).
  • Creativity of all kind!

To current Haxe project owners:

Feel free to list your project below and state some of the ways students can contribute. Remember to put yourself to "Potential Mentors" section if you can.

Idea List

Here below are some ideas that can be worked on. Other original ideas are welcome too!

Note that there are many topics that does not necessarily requires student to be an expert of Haxe but we encourage you to compiled a few Haxe programs if you're new to it.

  • improvements

    • usability (re-design?)
    • haxe documentation (Haxe API)
    • student should be good at web design
  • improvements

    • usability (re-design?)
    • open API for 3rd party app
    • student should be good at web design
  • Development on JS target using JSGenAPI

    • special compilation mode for writing JS library (for use in JS but not Haxe).
    • check haxetacy for similar ideas.
    • student should be experienced in JS
  • Development on nme/jeash

    • unit test
    • documentation
    • application - Game that cross-target flash/html5(WebGL if you want); mobile app (iOS and/or Android). Should be creative.
  • Android/iPhone applications

    • can be anything, but concrete and creative idea needed.
  • unified UI library

    • usable, accessible UI for JS/flash/cpp
    • mobile/touch aware
    • UI design app that output xml that can be loaded/compiled by the lib
    • student should have basic design knowledge
  • ORM (SPOD on steroids)

    • student should be expert in database
  • Haxe 3D LIB

    • Molehill, WebGL, OpenGL are all accessible using Haxe.
    • student should be expert in 3D algorithms
  • PDF Lib

    • Format parser (to read data and possibly build a viewer)/ writer.

Potential Mentors

  • Andy Li
    media art, interactivity, web development, familiar targets: cpp/js/flash
    projects on github.
  • Franco Ponticelli
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