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This website is a Wiki. It means that you can edit all its pages, fix some parts, translate to another language or provide some additional content.

In order to be able to edit the pages you must first Register an account. Once logged-in, you will be able to edit the pages.

Each page can be translated to the available languages. You can change your preferred language by clicking on the corresponding flag on the right ---->

If some content is not available for your preferred language, the English version is displayed by default. If you want to translate some part of the website into some language that is not available right now, please ask on the Mailing list

If you have spare time and want to add to the website, see whats needed in the Wiki Todo List.

List of Wiki Tags

Basic Tags

This is a (probably partial) list of the tags available when editing the Haxe wiki.
====== Heading 1 ======
===== Heading 2 =====
==== Heading 3 ====
[[|External Link]]
[[Link To Uncreated Page]]
[[/Link To Uncreated Root Page]] 
{{hxinst-win.exe|Linked File}}


Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

External Link
Link To Uncreated Page (rollover to see the URL)
Link To Uncreated Root Page (rollover to see the URL)
Linked File

Style/Span Tags

These aren't really proper tags - they are actually just a means of enclosing content with a CSS span of the appropriate style - but they are handy for breaking up the text a bit.
[box1]Decorative Box 1[/box1]
[box2]Decorative Box 2[/box2]


  * Big Bulleted List Item 1
  * Big Bulleted List Item 2
Decorative Box 1Decorative Box 2
  • Big Bulleted List Item 1
  • Big Bulleted List Item 2


Enclose code snippets in a code block. This is difficult to show as an example - so if you used:
This is some code.

and replaced the curly brackets with angle brackets (like HTML tags) then it'd work. :-)

This is some code.

If you use
{code haxe}

You get Haxe syntax highlighting.

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