HaXe hints for SciTE

This archive contains files to make SciTE[1] support syntax coloring and API calltips for the Haxe[2] language. It is part of the public domain.

Here's how to "install" it:

  • move haxe.api to a convenient place. I've put it in /usr/local/share/scite/ on my Linux, you might prefer some other place.
  • copy the contents of haxe.properties into your ~/.SciTEUser.properties or anywhere else where scite will find it. Adapt the path to haxe.api (in the second-to-last line) according to where you've put it.
  • if you like, try out the syntax color definitions from colors.properties.

Maybe restart your SciTE, then enjoy! : Haxe keywords should be highlighted, known words from the haxe API will be colored in a different style (i'm personally not quite sure if i like this), and you will have "calltips" (tooltips that pop up) explaining the API.

Note that SciTE doesn't know anything about the semantics of the Haxe API - calltips are based purely on the function name - so a hint doesn't meant that the object you're trying to call the function on actually is of the right type, etc. But it provides *some* hints :)

any feedback to: dan_AT_f3c_DOT_com [3]

[1] SciTE - the SCIntilla-based Text Editor: http://scintilla.org/SciTE.html
[2] Haxe - web oriented universal language: http://haxe.org/
[3] daniel fischer - http://0xDF.com/

Example installation

$ wget http://iterative.org/haxe/scite-haxe-1.tbz2
$ bunzip2 scite-haxe-1.tbz2 
$ tar -xf scite-haxe-1.tar 
$ cd scite-haxe-1
$ more README 
$ ls -l ~/.SciTEUser.properties 
$ cat haxe.properties  >> ~/.SciTEUser.properties 
$ sudo mkdir /usr/local/share/scite/
$ sudo cp haxe.api /usr/local/share/scite/haxe.api
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