TextMate (mac)

  • Sugar-hx TextMate bundle a bundle with common snippets and language features. It has seamless textmate (previous word) and haxe (compiler determined) completions. It has shortcuts for generating and referencing haxedoc documentation. It has a library of useful snippets for generating documentation stubs, multi-target build files, and class specifications.
  • TextMate2 bundle for code snippets, project templates, class and interface templates, file compilation and unit tests directly from textmate

Shared usage tips:

  • Drawer font size can be changed via defaults (Terminal), e.g.: defaults write com.macromates.textmate OakProjectDrawerFontSize -int 15
  • CodeBrowser can be a useful add on for quickly navigating your methods.
  • You can get as3 and flex bundles from Simon Gregory's blog, from the as3 menu you can open a flash console for viewing flashLog.txt.
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