Here's the page of next generation 3D engine for haxe.
It is a very quick draft done in hurry and will change on need as discussed on the ML - feel free until a more structured organization is defined.

Github repo: https://github.com/sledorze/HIDE

The goal of the project is to have a set of tools and libraries for creating some 3D GPU accelerated applications.
Those applications can be released on all the devices mentionned below without porting any code, just rebuilding for the target (this does not exclude specific code for exclusive feature).
If those application run towards a server application, then the server logic doesn't need to be aware of it.
It is important that this is not kept as a programmer toolkit but includes artist/designers support.

Targets (exhaustive):

  • Flash via Molehill.
  • JS via WebGL - (Browser compat ?). Possible fallback to a scanline or Canvas renderer. Useful for iOS fallbacks.
  • CPP(/Neko?) via OpenGL (IPhone, IPad, Android, PC, Mac ?).
  • C# via Unity / OpenGL
  • Java via OpenGL

Targets (minimal to start with):

  • Flash via Molehill.
  • JS via WebGL.
  • CPP via OpenGL (IPad, PC).
  • Neko via OpenGL (PC).

Who's wanna contribute :
members (feel free to add your specialties)


  • Find a codename. codenames
  • Choose a Hosting solution projecthosting
  • Agree on defining the structure / processes and how to organize ourselves.
  • Define routines to keep the communication and a realistic.
  • Define small goals to make progress roadmap.

IRC (irc.freenode.net#HIDE3D) Logs:

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